Classroom Coaching

We have a team which is unparalleled and the best.
We approach different ways in teaching that can make the difference in students’ life. We make tutoring very lively, interactive, effective and convenient.

We have adopted an innovative & strategic approach in classroom sessions, where learning is always enjoyable. The basics & fundamentals of subject are taught in a very simple & lucid manner. Faculty always explain concepts with real life examples in very articulated manner enabling each student to grasp these up to the grass root level.

Aim of all classroom sessions is to develop student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities

Each classroom session covers the vital aspects of the subject comprising theoretical and numerical aspects of the subject, which is followed by exercising graduated set of logical and mathematical examples to firmly grasp the fundamentals & concepts.

The Scientific Teaching Methodology at Shashank Classes effectively leverages the experience of highly qualified faculty members in absolute positive way. Inevitably it develops competitiveness, nurtures every student’s inherent talent and boosts the confidence of each student.

We, at Shashank Classes follow a constructive approach to Learning following

 ‘5 E principles

Engage Learners are engaged in the concept, process, or skill to be learned by making connections between past and present learning experiences.

Explore Learners actively explore their environment or manipulate materials to identify and develop concepts, processes and skills.

Explain Learners have opportunities to verbalize their conceptual understanding or to demonstrate new skills or behavior.

Elaborate Through new experiences, learners develop deeper and broader understanding of major concepts, obtain more information about areas of interest, and refine their skills.

Evaluate Learners assess their understanding and abilities; teachers evaluate students’ understanding of key concepts and skill development.


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