Crash course or Short term course?

Few days left for Boards Exams ? Still not prepared ?Still needs a proper guideline?
Don’t worry!
Preparation not a challenge anymore!
Utilise days left in best way with specially designed course from basic concept to the core.
It is specially tailored to meet students need.
Discuss your weak points, problems areas and things you want to focus and also the areas where you would like to accelerate your knowledge.

Who should attend?

1) For students who wish to clear basics and master them in short period of time.
2)Student who haven’t started studying yet in detail.
3) Students who wanted to revise and test themselves.

Benefits of Crash Course?

  • Complete syllabus coverage

  • The teacher will discuss the Questions based on research of 10 years papers and explain how to attempt different sections

  • Mock tests(at least 10 papers)

  • Doubts clarification

  • Answering questions smartly as per marking scheme

  • How to manage the exam time well

  • Tips on avoiding silly mistakes

  • Solving application based numerical – students biggest pain point

  • Extra classes for weak students

  • Techniques to re-check and rectify own mistakes


Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.Modes of the course?

We provide classroom coaching as well as Private Home Tutions.

Q.I am a parent looking for home tuitions for my son/daughter. How do I contact you?

Really simple! Just   Click here and enter your details. An associate from shashank classes will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, and then connect you with a tutor best suited for your need. You can register for a free demonstration class of home tuition. If the tutor is unable to fulfill the tuition needs of your son / daughter, our counselor will help you find another tutor matching your requirement.


Q.Is crash course for exam helpful even if I don’t have a strong base in any one of the subjects?

Big Yes! This course is designed in such a way which covers every topic in detail from the basic which can be advantageous to all students.


Q.I have specific need ,will I get customized course?

Every child is unique in their own way, we provide customized courses at Private Tuitions only.

Q.Will assignments and tests be given?

Of course. Without assignments and tests there can be no learning enhancement. Test and assignments are integral part of your course. Regular tests will be given and evaluated to ensure your good performance and continual improvement


Q.What if i want to join for tests series and correction of papers instead of joining any crash course?

Yes. This is a great opportunity for Students who are prepared and want to test themselves before board exams. Write Specially designed Test series which will be corrected by experts. Discuss your doubts and filter your weak points.

Q.I have a question, which is not answered here.

Not a problem. Fill up Contact US form to receive call from us  or Call us on +91 9833784079