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Why Home Tuitions ?

Every child do not have the same level of Intelligence. Some children are quick learners while others slow learners. Some children will have high grasping power while other children don’t have the same ability. These are some of the fundamental causes which also affect the performance of the students in there academic careers. This gap in the performance all the student can be bridged to a very large extent with the home tuition. In fact, in some cases even bright students may require home tuitions because it enables them to compete academically with other bright students. All this highlight the need for home tuition which could perhaps be summarized as:

Direct supervision of the teacher

 As you are aware, in a classroom the teacher cannot give individual attention to every student. This may have adverse effect on students who are slow learners. But in home tuition is the student work directly under the watchful eyes of the teacher. So, the students get proper attention. This is one of the reason why many students prefer home tuitions in shashank classes.

Innovative learning procedure

Experts in education are of the opinion that is a teacher is able to give personal attention to the students then such students will develop an enormous interest in studies. He studies hard and in the process the student becomes so innovative he may even find out certain effective way of learning various topics in school curriculum.

Performance oriented

 Some student may not perform well in certain subjects. This problem can be addressed by adopting home tuition, the tutor will be able to give adequate attention to the students so that he would improve his performance in the particular subject. The teacher will also give proper advised to the student.

Interaction between teachers and student

Unlike in a classroom, in home tuition there is it closer the interaction between the teacher and the Student. As a result, that teacher will be able to give personalize advice and guidance to the student. With this, the student will be more confident and self reliant.

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Student Testimonials


  •   He teaches well in Maths and has good teachers for science. Very good for 8 and above classes.

    thumb Sonalii A Sahay

      The teachers are very good in terms of teaching and making you understand a concept which you don't know. The teachers are also highly educated and are very skilled and specialised in their designated subject. Last but not the least they are very friendly and use Language which is very easy to understand and not very technical.

    thumb Agastya Ganguli
  •   Shashank classes are the best classes for the kids to be topper in their academic from std 7th upto 10th

    thumb Poonam Gavankar

      I am very happy with the home tution service as they have dedicated teachers who can teach. They help me understand the topic with simplicity & easy with examples. This makes learning more fun & interesting. I will also refer my friends to take home tutions.

    thumb Kalpana Pathak
  •   Best classes I had ever in my life. Best , qualified, expert tutors for especially for student of 9th , 10th and 12th standard.

    thumb Anurag Tranceholic Soni

      Teacher was good. NIKUNJ Sir, his knowledge of subjects was good.He also taught my daughter well.

    thumb Ami Shah
  •   Shashank's classes are best for Diploma Engineering students.....I got very nice Result for M3� as well as other subjects.

    thumb Akash Kadam

      Most of the teachers are sensitive to child's needs ...Good job done...Highly recommended!

    thumb Sangeeta Kulsreshtha Varma
  •   The teachers are very friendly and approachable and not only teaches precisely in details from our school recommended text, but also explains the realated interesting and very useful things. I loved the the tutions!! I got things to learn that I never thought I'd ever learn in this age... I got to know about the interesting and really addictive topics in my very own chapters of my text!! And I'm being helped by my great and passionate teachers since I was in fifth grade.. and I just passed seventh with flying colours...��� GOOD LUCK FOR THE STUDIES!!

    thumb Parth Rodrigues


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.I am a parent looking for home tuitions for my son/daughter. How do I contact you?

Really simple! Just   Click here and enter your details. An associate from shashank classes will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, and then connect you with a tutor best suited for your need. You can register for a free demonstration class of home tuition. If the tutor is unable to fulfill the tuition needs of your son / daughter, our counselor will help you find another tutor matching your requirement.

Q.Okay, sounds good. But I need to see the tutor in action before I commit for tuition?

Once you are a registered parent, you can make a request to the tutor to deliver a free home-tuition demo class at your home.

Q.If I don’t like any of the demos, Will there be charges?

No charges.

Q.Can I take as many free demos as I like?

This is tricky. Each demo involves travel and time commitment from our tutors. Failing a demo has a consequence on the rating of the tutor. Also the tutor’s confidence takes a hit if he is not successful. Please speak to the counselor over phone and assess tutor’s suitability for communication, timings, availability and subject matter expertise. This will ensure that the tutor is not rejected for any reason other than his/her teaching ability. However, to answer your specific question: we may stop your free demos after 3 demos.

Q.The tutor I spoke to has a thick accent. Should I reject him?

You have a right to accept or reject tutor on any ground. We would however recommend that you assess tutor’s teaching ability more than anything else. We have tutors from different parts of the country who may lack a bit in communication but are very strong in concepts. This perceived anomaly normally does not affect teaching technical subjects like Maths and Science.

Q.If I commit for tuitions, do I need to stick to the same tutor?

Not necessarily. You can ask for a replacement any time if you are not satisfied with the progress. We would however recommend that you speak to our academic counselor before taking a decision.

Q.Another question, if I commit for tuitions, do you guarantee the same tutor for entire year?

Yes same tutor will continue for entire year. However, if a tutor gives sufficient notice and has a valid reason for not continuing, we respect the tutor’s decision. We do have penalties for leaving classes without prior intimation.

Q.What is so special about shashank classes? There are enough other competing services in the market.

We have a very strong filtering process which checks for tutor’s knowledge and delivery. You can be rest assured that all our tutors have been extensively vetted by our experts, before being assigned to you and therefore, you will have nothing to worry regarding the quality of your child’s teacher.

Q.Can I pay after the month is over?

No. We take monthly fee upfront and the tutor is paid after the monthly sessions are over. This brings a commitment from both sides. We have seen this working and there is no reason for us to think otherwise.


Q.I am not happy with your services. I need a refund?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your tutor and we are not able to give you a suitable replacement within two weeks, you have a right to ask for your money. We will deduct tuition money for sessions taken and refund the balance amount.

Q.Do you do background check on tutors?

We do academic quality check of tutors and we do it thoroughly.All the documents of tutor are verified and will available to parents on registered mail-id on demand.

Q.How do you ensure high quality tutors?

We do a thorough quality check on subject knowledge and delivery. Our effort is to ensure that your tutor is of high quality. Beyond that, we do not make any further claim. Please note that your need may be different from our assessment and therefore in some situations you may not find a particular tutor suitable. Our counselor will help you find another tutor in such cases.

Q.Isn’t shashank classes very expensive?

Personalized tutoring works very differently from group tuition or a typical tuition center. It is much more effective because teacher can focus on core concepts/gaps and get the concepts clarified fast. Your ward is already going to a school/college. He needs a helping hand to clarify doubts and bring some discipline in studies. That said, you have the flexibility to decide the best package/hours that suits your need and pocket.

Q.Do you serve children with special needs?

Yes, We have tutors for handling differently abled children. Please let our counselor know your requriements.

Q.I have a question, which is not answered here.

Not a problem. Fill up Contact US form to receive call from us  or Call us on +91 9833784079